Bulbag CEO -PJ Powell


From a mission to recreate his World War II grandfather's practical and surprisingly multi-functional map case bags, CEO and founder, PJ Powell certainly had an incredible vision for Bulbag USA. With multi-use, handsfree utility bags with anti-microbial properties, his family legacy skyrocketed through the roof - quite literally. Introducing a 30-year warranty designed to hold up against daily wear and tear was simply the cherry on top. We'd like to think grandpa would be proud!

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CEO PJ Powell

  • We are here to 'fess up and cop to our not-so-mild bag fetish

    We'll just come out and admit it - we are hopelessly devoted to bags. From the familiar and beloved backpacks, tank bags, and sundry satchels to the more unusual bug-out bags and dapper triangulated tea carriers, all have a soft spot in our hearts. But there are two kinds of bags: everyday carry items with a personalized touch, lovingly crafted to fit the unique needs of their owner; and those bulkier items made for transporting large quantities of gear around town. We need both kinds of bags in our lives - after all, that's why Bulbag was founded: to share our love of bags with likeminded people everywhere!