Here are a few questions we find answering frequently:

Q: Where is BULBAG made?

A: The United States 


Q: What kind of zippers does the BULBAG have? 

A: YKK Zippers


Q: What kind of warranty does the BULBAG have? 

A: All of our BULBAGs have a 30 year warranty. 


Q: What does the warranty cover?

A: Our warranty covers any failure in its' components from normal use. 


Q: What doesn't the warranty cover?

A: Burning it, slicing it, slamming it in the door of your Humvee, loosing it, running it over, sliding down the road on it, shooting it, filling it with tannerite and vaporizing it.


Q: Sure you say it's made in the USA, but where is the fabric made? 

A: All of our fabric is milled in the United States.


Q: What level body armor is used in the BULBAG?

A:  We use American Made level IIIA body armor made to 0101.06 NIJ standards. 


Q: Why is there only one 'L' in your name?

A: BUL is an acronym. It stands for Ballistic Utility Lightweight BAG. The one 'L' stands for lightweight. 


Q: Can you wear the bag cross-body?

A: The BULBAG can be used drop-leg, cross-body, chest-rig, backpack, over the shoulder, seat-back in a vehicle, horn bag on a saddle,  back of the sissy-bar on a Harley, or tank-bag.