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  • MultiCam®

    Uniform compliant. Berry compliant. Licenced MultiCam®

  • New Smoke Grey

    Keep it under the radar. The Greyman. Blend in with the crowd.

  • Black MultiCam®

    Licensed Black MultiCam®. We believe in using the real stuff. Not faking it.


    When wearing in the drop-leg configuration, the weight of your contents disappears. Load it up, and forget you're carrying anything... until you need it.

  • get a grip without brandishing

    are you getting your keys or your CCW? Only you truly know.

  • Drop leg rig pictured, with CCW and EDC capabilities. BULBAG is made in the USA.

    deploy in under a second

    carry based on preference, not size. Will holster full frames without printing.

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  • Messenger/Sling-bag

    Feel like your standing out a little with a MultiCam chest rig while walking into Starbucks? Just extend the body belt and wear cross-body for an easy blend-in.

    Something tells me I'm not blending. ; )

  • Chest Draw

    An alternate chest conversion to allow for easy access for either left or right-hand draw.

  • BackPack

    All BULBAGS may be worn as a backpack.

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From the Makers of the UkoalaBag, but Made Better, in the USA... FULL STOP.

We have taken everything that we know about making our UkoalaBag over the past 7 years and made it better. We started by making it right here at home in the good ol' US of A, sourcing local suppliers all the way down the thread itself, to make a utility bag 100% Made in America. Check out our tactical Uniform Compliant BULBAG (MultiCam, 499 Tan, Ranger Green, Black) or our grey-man non-tac bags allowing you to carry your life with you, wherever you go, and access your stuff instantly.

Whether it's your Beretta, cuffs, battery backup, ears, and our level IIIA plate... or a 50 oz hydration bladder, your leatherman, keys, shades, an energy bar, and your favorite OTF or folder, OR your calls, scents, binos and ammo, you can keep it all in one place. AND get to it in a snap.

From Operator to teacher. Billy Bad-Ass to Dapper Dan. Grandma, to grandkid, EVERYONE can benefit from having all their daily carry kit in a hands-free system. EDC, concealed carry, sling bag, backpack, chest rig, drop leg rig, or over the back of your truck seat or saddle. It can all be done with the same bag. One bag.