Let us start off on the right foot here by confessing our far-from-mild bag fetish. If you didn't already know, we are the makers of the amazing UkoalaBag. 

As far back as we can remember, we have been a sucker for a sweet bag. This addiction started early and doesn’t limit itself to genre, oh no… I'm talking school kid love for backpacks, tank bags, gun bags, satchel bags, lunch bags, duffel bags, computer bags, briefcases, overnight bags, get home bags, bug-out bags, saddle-bags, range bags, and even those newfangled triangulated tea bags at upscale tea houses are using these days intrigue us.

There are two types of bags in our world, one is the kind of bag you simply use to get items from point A to point B, like a suitcase or duffel bag. The second is the kind of bag you embrace for your tailored everyday carry items. EDC. 

The goal is to be able to organize things in a way that you know exactly where to find what you need and get to it lightning-fast. We believe what separates truly great bags from your run of the mill bags boils down to three very important things:

  1. Where it's made
  2. Quality
  3. Ease of use

After the amazingly positive response the UkoalaBag has received over the years, it left us feeling like we could do more. So after listening to our customers and the fine folks that truly interested in the uKoala bags, we came up with the BULBAG. 100% American made, from the thread to the fabric, made in the USA.

Since launching BULBAG we have been on a quest searching the USA with one goal: that every component be made in the USA. Every button, zipper, grommet. That the fabric not only be weaved in the USA but its yarn solution-dyed, loomed, and finished in the USA. That each stitch is sewn in the USA from thread made in the USA. That’s right people… we’re pretty serious about this. 

In today’s market, it’s beyond challenging to source ALL American-made materials.  In some cases, we haven’t been able to locate a single company in the USA that makes a very specific component we’re after. If you know of a company that might be able to help in our quest please help us to connect with them.  

The servicemen and women, firefighters, first responders, police officers, Medics, tradesmen, farmers, that certain guy down the hill that helps at the very mention of need… the heroes who make this land great, deserve a bag that is made from the same fibers they are, and every bit as well made as they are.

BULBAG Mission Statement is simple:

Serving those who serve.