Uses of Pouch Holster Tactical Waist Bag

Uses of Pouch Holster Tactical Waist Bag

We have to admit our love for all bags. Computer bags, duffel bags, cross-over bags, lunch bags, messenger bags, briefcases, satchel bags, tote bags, tank bags, get-home bags, we could go on forever. Instead, we decided to make a utility bag that replaces the need for many bags.

Our BULBAG USA team has refined our tactical waist bag designs for years. We wanted to ensure every single one of our utility bags meets the incredibly high demands of first responders and military service members and then make them available to the private sector. Our utility bags far exceed the standard specifications of a commercially available utility bag. 

That is why we have carefully sifted through years of feedback, warranty suggestions, and other client information to create a more usable solution. 

That included a more reliable clasp to keep things locked in place and remain closed while performing your duties, 1000D Cordura Brand Antimicrobial fabric made right in the USA, YKK Zippers, a 30-year warranty, and all kinds of detailed oriented features to enhance your carry and tactical needs.


How to Wear Our Pouch Holster

The second a weapon is brandished, the entire feel and process of a situation change. That means you need to have your CCW ready to go at a moment’s notice in case a seemingly calm situation calls for more divisive action.

With our tactical waist bag, we increased the build versatility to allow for:

  • On the Hip - The most common way to wear this holster is on your hip's left or right side. More specifically, on either side of your waistband.
  • Hidden Weapon Prep -You can grip your weapon without brandishing to defend yourself against an attacker. By letting the front flap cover your hand, you can maintain a purchase on the grip without telegraphing the threat that lies close. 
  • Chest Conversion Kit - The pouch holster tactical waist bag has a chest conversion kit that allows you to use it as a chest rig. This is useful for carrying extra gear, keeping your hands free, and carrying in a more tactical position.
  • Backpack/Messenger Style – For those that do not require ordinance in their daily activities, our tactical waist bag can be slung cross-body like a messenger bag or worn over the shoulders as a backpack.


Who Can Use the Tactical Waist Bag the Most?

We designed our American-made BULBAGs for anyone to use, but stress the importance of the quality materials and premium design for those first responders, military service members, and all individuals that need a quality solution.

For example, this can include:

  • Carrying Ordinance - Our tactical waist bag is a great way to carry your firearm. The pouch is made from highly durable material in various color styles to accommodate your daily weapon and accessory needs. 
  • First-Aid/Medic- A pouch holster tactical waist bag is the best tool for carrying first-aid as a medic. It allows you to access the items inside easily and quickly.
  • Handcuffs & Tactical Equipment for Police – This solution is excellent for carrying handcuffs, flashlights, cell phones, CS, and keys. It's also ideal for holding anything you might need on hand during law enforcement activities or tactical training.
  • Crowd Suppression for Security – Reduce crowd control needs by ensuring your team has everything necessary readily available at any moment. Whether in a concert or during high-traffic movement of people through security stations. 
  • Food & Gear for Runners, Bikers, and More – Store the nutritional snacks, extra materials, and items essential to improving your successful hike, long-distance sport, or outdoor activity.


Time to Get the Best Solution

The pouch holster tactical waist bag is an excellent addition to your gear. It will keep all of your stuff and ordinance organized and easy to reach so that you can focus on whatever it is that you're doing. 

So whether you're running, biking, performing your duties, or just out and about town having fun with friends, look no further than this American-made product from the team at BULBAG USA!

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