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BULBAG | Ballistic Utility Lightweight Bag

BULBAG | Ballistic Utility Lightweight Bag

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WANT A QUALITY AMERICAN MADE BAG? - Look no further! Our Lightweight Utility Bag is made of 1000 Denier American Made Cordura Nylon and comes with a 30-year warranty.

Material : You demand the best, and we deliver. Our bags are made from 1000 Denier,American Made Cordura & Nylon for a lightweight, yet extremely durable bag

MADE IN THE USA - We are proudly made in America and stand by our products 100%. You deserve the best, and we are happy to provide it. With a 30-year warranty, we know you'll be satisfied with your purchase for years to come. 

BUILT TO LAST - Our bag is designed to be extremely durable and can be worn as a drop leg utility bag, backpack, sling-bag, or chest-rig. It's also CCW compatible.

CCW COMPATIBLE - Stay safe on the go with our Lightweight Utility Bag that is specifically designed to be worn as a drop leg utility bag, backpack, or chest rig. Keep your weapons and ammo at the ready while looking good doing it.

Stop messing around with budget gear. You save money, and more importantly eliminate failures and frustration, through buying the best quality possible from the start. You have just found the best. And we stand by that claim with a 30 year warranty. If it breaks, we cover it. So buy with confidence!

Add the level IIIA soft armor insert, a model specific Kydex holster with click retention, and a CobraBelt two-layer gun belt for the most advanced Mil-Spec Concealed Carry system available on the planet.  

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